Must Visit Places in Vietnam

Must Visit Places in Vietnam

For anyone planning to go on holiday, he must first research on the sightseeing sites in the place of interest. If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then you should be assured of an enjoyable and memorable time during your holiday. This country has some of the most amazing sights that are must see, you simply will have to pay them a visit while at Vietnam. What you need is to research on the most popular attraction sites before you fly there for your holiday to be memorable.

Which are the Must visit places in Vietnam?

· Cu Chi Tunnels—in terms of popularity, these tunnels are ranked high. They are frequented by visitors travelling to the country with the large portion of Vietnams tourists reported to go there. With the traps used during the wars in the 1960s, you will definitely have to visit this region. Also, exhibits and films available at the site will give your memory something to digest for the rest of your life. Tourists can crawl through the tunnels and see the booby traps.

· Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City—with massive pools of water, a dazzling sunset view over the waters and the river as well as a fun floating market to shop at, Mekong delta is no wander the favourite to all those travelling to Vietnam. You will have the feeling of getting in touch with nature when you view the nearby Ben Tre. Although accommodation is not guaranteed, the area has few lodges such as the rustic lodge which can cater for a few of the visitors.

· French Colonial Post Office In Ho Chi Minh City—this is the perfect destination for those who love the looks of old buildings. The building assumes old-world beauty with an historic architecture. With the building having been constructed in the early 1900s by French colonists, portrays beauty of such an old time.

· War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City—this museum is filled with plenty of war aircraft. Those operating the museum have partitioned it to different sections. Some sections offer pictures of the aircraft used in the Vietnam War. In some other sections, you will find story tellers to expound more about the war and the events that took place during that time. By the time you are through with your day, you will have in-depth knowledge of all the events, such a place is definitely a must see.

· The Hoam Kiem Lake in Hanoi—if you are looking for the best place to relax while in Vietnam, then the answer is Hoam Kiem lake. Located in one of the oldest part of the Hanoi, this lake is considered one of the nice places to rest in the town. In the middle of the lake, there is a lovely turtle tower. You will have nice time at the lake, especially early in the morning while most of the residents and guests do Tai Chi, jogging or doing other exercises in the area. This place is really a beautiful and peaceful place to be at hence worth to be counted amongst must visit places in Vietnam.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then book in advance your hotels and tour, fullfill your travelling documents such as visa or moto driving licence in case you would like to drive a moto at Vietnam but better to rent a car with a driver in Vietnam as you dont have habit to drive in Vietnamese road.

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