Spring Caribbean honeymoons in St. Martin

Best Months for The Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Beautiful Island Beaches and European Hot Spots. Traveling together with your partner while on a honeymoon can be a really rejuvenating and happy experience. From all the romance to be shared to all the thrills to be had, a honeymoon is a unique event in itself. So while deciding onwhere to go on a honeymoon, you should look and explore all the possibilities and then select the place that would appeal to you the most.

The choice will greatly depend on your preferences and which month or season you are planning to go. If you and your partner want to go to a seaside spot with beaches and a tropical theme, you can consider settling for places like Mauritius or Bahamas. However, if you like the mountains, may be try Switzerland and spend a few days viewing the Alps together.

The most popular honeymoon spots usually offer a wide range of activities, sightseeing, dining and fun with top-notch accommodations. Whether you join the crowd is up to you. Remember, a honeymoon location anywhere in the world is only worth what you make of it.

The list provided below may help you select your honeymoon destination.The top 10 honeymoon destinations of the world with our recommended months to go:

  1. Bahamas – The Bahamas is a wonderful honeymoon location as it has some beautiful beaches and some of the most luxurious hotels. It would give you a lot of privacy while giving you the chance to spend some quality time together in the cradle of nature. April, May, June, July
  2. Mauritius – Mauritius is another very popular honeymoon destination. With its beautiful beaches and fabulous hotels, Mauritius is always a hit with honeymooners. October, November, December
  3. Paris – Considered to be the most romantic city in the world, Paris is but naturally a top honeymoon destination. From the charming French ambiance to the romantic feel all around, Paris has always welcomed people on their honeymoons with open hands. April, May, June
  4. Barbados – If you and your partner are the adventurous kind, go to Barbados for your honeymoon. The place filled with beautiful beaches and thrilling water sports, Barbados is a great place to go for honeymoons. February, March, April
  5. Switzerland – What could be more romantic than the snow capped mountains of Switzerland. The country has forever been a popular honeymoon destination and if you are looking for a truly exotic honeymoon destination, consider going to Switzerland. June, July , August
  6. Venice – Venice, with its dream laden streets and romantic gondolas, is an old favorite with honeymooners from around the world. It is pleasant, inviting and just the place for you to be in while on a honeymoon. August, September, October
  7. Seychelles – A gorgeous island off the African coast, Seychelles is another popular honeymoon destination. March, April, September, October
  8. New York – New York may not have been a traditional honeymoon destination, but slowly and steadily it is growing in popularity as a honeymoon destination. With so much to see and do, couple are now considering going to New York more often for their honeymoons. May, June, September
  9. Jersey Island – This beautiful island in The United Kingdom is a well loved honeymoon destination. It is popular because of its lovely beaches and its old world charm. July, August, September
  10. St Lucia – St Lucia is a great honeymoon destination as it offers a lot of privacy to the couples. January, Fefruary, March

If you still are wondering where to go for your honeymoon, you can safely select any one of the above mentioned destinations as they are modern, mainstream locations with current amenities and transportation. Not only will you have a memorable honeymoon, you will also have a lot of fun and adventure.