hot elgadsden is primarily a travel book, born following a crazy project.

Leave everything to traverse much of Asia in six months. A desire for adventure, new horizons for both, but especially neglect of routine and enjoy life simply through this journey.
Here we talk about our trips, we share our experiences, we meet different cultures.


Me is Pauline, passionate sharing and escape. I always had a taste for travel, the desire to travel the world, to think back and daydream once telling me: what it was magical!
Voyager because as this author that I love: “Because-I feel that the time is going too fast and when I travel I think it slows down a little. Because when the landscape scrolls under my feet or under my eyes, I suddenly feel like the unit in me. Because what else if we want to try to live several lives. “Sylvain Tesson

That said, yes I love to travel, escape, beautiful things, simple things but also j’adoore the pasta shells with ketchup and smell of a new book!

But I’m not alone on this blog!

Like I said World else started with a crazy project, a project of love.
Benedict so it’s my sidekick, my companion and my beard everyday!
He likes pancakes with Nutella and make fun of my English accent …
He deals primarily the less sexy part of the blog (read codes) and also contributes to its masculine touch, that of a man, but not a real tattoo 😉!


I created this blog in October 2013, on the eve of our departure for new adventures.
We wanted through travelogues, tips or recipes in the world, but also entertain while informing those who want to share our “experiments”.As you can see here we like to share, laugh and enjoy life and all it has to offer!

Enjoy! Good reading !

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